HSK: Chinese, one of the most difficult languages

What is HSK?

It’s an International Test of Chinese Language Proficiency, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. It reminds TOEFL by its’ structure consisting of Listening, Grammar, Reading and Writing. It’s a state test to certify a level of Chinese language proficiency of foreigners, emigrants and national minorities.

Why should one pass HSK?

A certificate allows you to seek a job or enter a Chinese University. It also gives you a priority while looking for a job in Chinese company or company cooperating with China.

What level of a test should one choose?

You can choose basic, beginning, intermediate or advanced level. The certificate is good as long as you like. You can pass a test as many times as you want to get a certificate of higher level.

Nowadays HSK includes series of tests for Kids, Business, Secretaries, Tourism. Kids under 15 years old can pass a Special test. Other specific tests were developed on the base of the standard HSK test to satisfy demands of Chinese language development.