SAT: General test for US and Canada Universities

What is SAT?

SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test – created for enrollees and younger students who want to study in US and Canadian Universities. It evaluates general knowledge of Literature, History and Mathematics. It can be two types: SAT 1, Reasoning Test, that check general knowledge (3 hours), and SAT 2, Subject Test (1 hour).

Structure of SAT 1

It consists of 7 sections of two types. One of sections is experimental and given only for research purposes.
Checking you language knowledge and skills. It’s created for Native English speakers. 78 questions.
Math Part
It’s very easy, but you should study mathematic terms ahead.

60 questions.


You need to choose 3 subjects from a list, 1 hour for each. You need to take Writing and Math tests, and 3rd that you like. There are also History (American and World), Social Science, Foreign Languages, etc). This test is more advanced and difficult comparing to SAT I. Many colleges just recommend to pass this test. The best colleges prefer having SAT II results.

SAT results

Results are published in 10 days after the test. ETS can sent them to 4 colleges and universities for free, and $6.50 for each additional address.

Cost of SAT

SAT 1 - $38.
SAT 2 - $50.