SEFIC: Spoken English for Industry and Commerce

SEFIC stands for Spoken English for Industry and Commerce. It’s a test consisting of 5 levels:

SEFIC Preliminary – Ability to survive in English-speaking environment, ability to communicate in daily situations.
SEFIC First – Fulfillment of basic tasks at a workplace.
SEFIC Second – Everyday communication with native speakers in variety of situations related to professional sphere. Certificate of this level can help you to get a work abroad in such areas as Manufacturing, Family Business, Hotels, Tour Companies.
SEFIC Third – Free communication in different activities such as Management, Marketing, Trading, Logistics and so on.
SEFIC Fourth – Advanced communication skills, speaking at Meetings, Professional Discussions. If you successfully passed a test of 3rd or 4th level, you can effectively act as a Manager.

Structure of SEFIC
Exams take 25 to 45 minutes. These are interviews with a native speaker. Exams are held twice a year.

SEFIC Preliminary – 20 minutes. Parts of the test, 5 minutes each:
General Conversation (personal talk, hobbies and so on)
Listening Comprehension (talk and answer)
Picture Description
Transactional Dialog

SEFIC First – 25 minutes. Parts of the test, 5 minutes each:
General Conversation (work-related topics)
Listening Comprehension (talk and answer)
World of Work
Picture Description
Role-Play (built on a situation depicted in the picture)

SEFIC Second – 30 minutes
General Conversation – 5 min (work-related topics)
Picture Sequence – 5 min
Pathfinding on the Basis of Tape Announcement (response to questions using the map.

plan or diagram) - 10 min
Reading and Comprehension – 5 min
Attitudinal Conversation – 5 min (based on the document, options, agreement/disagreement and evaluation)

SEFIC Third – 35 minutes. Parts of the test:
General Conversation (work-related topics) – 10 min
Discussion of Reading Text – 5 min
Taped Dialog – 10 min
Business Text – 10 min
Role-Play – 5 min
a) Special topic
b) Telephone test

SEFIC Fourth – 45 minutes. Parts of the test:
General Conversation (business-related topics) - 5 min
Presentation – 20 min
Listening Comprehension (summarizing the substance, suggesting solutions)
Reading Comprehension – 10 min
Liaison Interpreting – 10 min

Price: Depending on the level. $ 130 to $ 180.