JLPT, Nouryekushiken: Study in Japan

What is JLPT?
It is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test which is called in Japanese Nihongo Nōryoku Shaken. It is held once a year only, and will help you benchmark your competency whether you intend to use it for speaking Japanese in poker games or for when you're travelling across the nation on holiday.

Why does one pass this test?
JLPT certifies non-native speakers of Japanese Language on their ability.

What level do I choose?
There are 4 levels in JLPT. 4th is easiest (requires 150 hours to study) and 1st is most difficult. 4th level takes 100 minutes and 1st – 3 hours.

Structure of the test
You don’t even need to write in Japanese, as all questions have answers of multiply choice.

To mark a right answer you need to fill in a little round with a pencil.

There are 3 parts:

Kanji and vocabulary
(100, 300, 1000 and 2000 characters according to levels of difficulty). This part can give 100 points maximum and consists of 40 questions.
Listening comprehension
You need to listen to texts and choose a right picture or variant of an answer. 100 points maximum.
Reading comprehension and grammar
200 points as maximum. 20-30 questions in both sections.

Price: $ 15 to $ 35.