PLAB: For future UK Doctors

What is PLAB test?

It has such a name because it is designed by Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board.

Why should I pass PLAB test?

If you’re a Doctor aiming to work as a Senior House Officer in UK, this test is a MUST for you. To actually appear for the test, you should have a medical Diploma and IELTS Certificate. You also should possess 12 months of Postgraduate Clinical Experience.

Structure of PLAB test.

1) Answer 200 questions in 3 hours. They’re dedicated to Clinical Subjects.

2) 14-station Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) during 1 hour 40 min. It combines knowledge of clinical subjects with check-up of communication skills.
You can apply for the second part of the test only after you successfully past part 1. Part 2 conducted monthly in London.
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