LSAT and LSDAS: Law School Admission Tests

What is LSAT?

LSAT - Law School Admission Test – estimates skills nessesary for successful study in a law school: analytical and organizational skills and.

Why do I need to pass LSAT?

It’s required for entering almost 200 US law schools.

Structure of LSAT

There are 5 sections, 35 min each. You get points for 4 of them, 5th is introductory. The last task is essay, 30 minutes given for that, and it’s later sent to law schools chosen by you.

You can get 120 to 180 points with average 151. Best schools prefer students with 163 points up.

What is LSDAS?

LSDAS is the Law School Data Assembly Service.
Almost all ABA-accredited schools require students to use LSDAS. You purchase a 12-month subscription when you register.
Your Report:
LSDAS prepares an individual report on each applicant which is then sent to the law schools to which an applicant applies.