TCF: If you need to work in French-speaking Enviroment

What is TCF?
It’s a test checking knowledge of French Language that doesn’t require special training.

Why to pass TCF?
Because the certificate given by CEIP the same organization issuing DELF and DALF, the only certificates officially recognized as diplomas of French as Foreign language.
TCF certificate recognized by Universities, Language Centers and Professional Organizations.

Structure of TCF
There are obligatory tests including Listening Comprehension, Writing and Grammar with 80 questions and answers of multiple choice.

Additional tests evaluates levels of Writing and Speaking Comprehension. They give an additional opportunities:
a) Know better your skills
b) Apply for DALF exam

TCF takes 1 hour 30 minutes:
Writing test – 1 hour 45 minutes
Speaking – 15 minutes.

You’ll get a certificate good for 2 years. You can pass a test every 90 days.

Price: 50 € - Additional test: 50 €.