English Language Schools in Bolivia

American International School of Bolivia (Cochabamba)

AIS/B is a private, coeducational school located in scenic Cochabamba, Bolivia. Developed on 4 hectares of land, AIS/B has a swimming pool, 4 soccer fields, a basketball court, and a beach volley ball court. AIS/B provides education from Pre-Kinder through 12th grade. All grades have access to a media center complete with a ProQuest computer which has over 100 periodicals updated monthly on CD-ROM, and both Macintosh and IBM computer labs with full internet access on every computer in the school. Students whose native language is not English are enrolled in an intensive ESL (English as a Second Language) program.

Cochabamba Cooperative School (CCS) (Cochabamba)

A non-denominational college-preparatory school for American, Bolivian, and international students. The academic program includes Early Childhood for 3 and 4 year old children and both an elementary unit (kindergarten through the 6th grade) and secondary unit (7th through 12th grade). The educational philosophy of our school fosters the development of well-rounded students who have clearly defined personal values and are independent and critical thinkers.

American Cooperative School (La Paz (Calacoto))

Welcome to the American Cooperative School of La Paz! As the world's highest international school, we believe that our lofty location inspires us to provide a "high" class education to each and every one of our students!

Santa Cruz Cooperative School (Santa Cruz)

Santa Cruz Cooperative School is a private American Overseas Day School offering English instruction by licensed and experienced English-speaking teachers to students between Pre-Kindergarten and 12th Grade.

AYMARA Spanish School (also offers English courses) (Santa Cruz)

OUR AYMARA Spanish School in Santa Cruz Bolivia offers the unique opportunity to study Spanish while immersed in Bolivian culture. Other activities such as Quechua, Aymara, Guaraní Languages Courses, workshops on Latin American and Bolivian culture and free daily Student Activities such as lectures, Bolivian cinema, pro active leadership,