ESOL by Trinity College London and PITMAN


It is the most popular test in Western Europe. There are 12 levels. 1-3 levels - Basic Level, 4 to 6 - Elementary Level, 7 to 9 – Intermediate, 10 to 12 – Advanced.
Students who passed 10th. level successfully can enter famous Universities without obligatory English exam. 12th level brings you to the level of Native Speakers.

Why to Pass ESOL?
ESOL certificate by TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON is accepted by British Council and gives you the right to enter universities abroad, as well as work abroad.

Structure of ESOL by Trinity College
It’s a talk with UK teacher. You have a topic you need to speak about and perform different tasks. It takes 5 to 25 minutes depending on a level. Starting with 9th level there is also writing test which consists of Grammar and Composition.

Answers estimated by 5 points scale and then turned into percentage. 65% - You passed, 75% - Good result, 85% up - Great result.

Who Can Pass ESOL?
Anyone who studies English, starting from 7 y.o. ESOL by Trinity College is hold once a year.

Price of ESOL by Trinity College
Beginners (level 1,2,3) - 40 €
Elementary (4,5,6) - 55 €
Intermediate (7,8,9) - 70 €
Advanced (10,11,12) - 100 €

What is ESOL (PITMAN)?

It’s a test of general knowledge of English accepted by UK Universities and Colleges, and also many other Institutes abroad. Companies of 85 countries accept Pitman results as well, so this test can recommended to secretaries.

There are 5 levels:
I Basic. It’s introductory level that prepares candidates to next levels.
II. Elementary. A candidate must be able to speak common language.
III. Intermediate. Level good enough to enter English school and get unqualified job.
IV. Higher Intermediate. Level high enough to enter English university and get professional job. A candidate must be able to read English magazines and fiction books.
V. Advanced. The highest level, you can enter any university and get any job even if it requires high level of literacy.

You can evaluate your level beforehand with help of additional test or exam. It’s a paid service.

Sent in 8 weeks. Each level can give you certificate of 2 grades: 1st grade if you completed 75%; 2nd grade with only 60%. Certificates are sent only to successful candidates. If you failed, you’ll get a list of your mistakes and useful notes.

Cost of ESOL by Pitman
Depending the level: ₤ 33 to 40.