English Language Schools in Korea

Andong National University (Andong City)

Starting as Andong Normal School founded in 1947, ANU celebrated the 60th anniversary of its birth in 2006. Having been together with intellectuals brilliant with in the Korean Confucian culture for 60 tears, ANU has become the temple of academic learning worthy of its reputation name where tradition and cutting-edge. technology coexist. It stands on firm ground as the only national university in the Gyeongbuk area. Now ANU is about to leap up as a world class prestige university on the stepping stones of changing and growing history.

Busan Foreign School (Busan (Haeundae-Gu))

BUSAN FOREIGN SCHOOL(BFS) is an international school with an American educational philosophy and curriculum. Our mission is to inspire each learner and provide educational services that nurture their social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. BFS students are prepared to enter top universities worldwide and become responsible, contributing citizens in a rapidly changing world. Our ongoing commitment to intercultural understanding and a strong partnership of students, parents, and teachers, allows us to achieve this in a caring and supportive environment.

Daegu English Village (Daegu)

The Daegu English Village (DGEV) was established via a partnership between The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado and Yeungjin College (YJ), Daegu, South Korea.

Chungnam National University (Daejeon)

Chungnam National University, with its proud history of 56 years and its motto, “Creativity, Development, and Service to the community,” is one of the most prestigious centers of higher education in the nation. In recent years, CNU has been making giant leaps in each and every academic field in order to join the ranks of the 100 most outstanding universities in the world.

Paichai University (Daejeon)

Pai Chai HakDang was established in 1885 (Founder:Rev. Henry G. Appenzeller).

Taejon Christian International School (Daejeon (Daedeok-Gu ))

TCIS is a diverse community that cares for students by providing a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, a myriad of student activities, and an experienced and dedicated faculty. TCIS is a prestigious, college preparatory school with an enrollment of over 600 students, consisting of both boarding and day students. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) - accredited high school program provides a well-rounded education to produce successful graduates at renowned universities in North America and elsewhere.

Lex Kim English School (Gangnam District of Seoul, South Korea)

Lex Kim English School

Okpo International School (Geoje-Si, Gyeongnam)

International Education for Ages 3+ to 14+

Yeonsei Language School (YLS) (Gumi)

Yeonsei Language School offers progressive curriculum to insure the highest quality of education. Our school is professionally run.

Yeonsei Language School (Gumi City)

Yeonsei Language School is located 5 minutes from Gumi city hall, on foot; close to downtown.

Chonnam National University (Gwangju)

Over its 50-year history, CNU has remained steadfast in our goal: to foster the development and integrity of future leaders and professionals as one of the world's leading institutions in research and scholarship. Over 160,000 men and women have graduated from CNU and the university currently has approximately 30,000 students in addition to 1,500 faculty and staff members. In order to accomplish CNU's motto of "Truth, Creativity and Service," we are constantly striving to further develop the university's resources.

Chosun University (Gwangju)

Chosun University has had a distinct mission to produce individuals of ability to make a great contribution to the establishment of the nation-state. The movement for the university established by the public in the Honam Area, which was discouraged by the Japanese government, was revived by the establishment of the Founders' Association in May of 1946 immediately after the liberation from Japan. The Founders' Association was composed of volunteers from intellectual, officials, land-owners, to farmers and farm workers. The membership crosses the boundaries of social ranks, schooling and wealth. Membership rose to more than 72,000 prior to application for foundation. Owing to the popular character and scales of the founders, Chosun University started as a public educational institution in name and reality. The Founders' Association, in its inaugural declaration, affirmed the following three educational ideals of Chosun University: establishment of a system for personal education; providing of a productive education to link the school and society; setting up of a scholarship system for talented students. These ideals were to put emphasis on the democratic education of individuals of character to cope with the urgent task of constructing a nation and culture, to cope with the execution of practical education in mutual relations with learning and reality, and to extend educational opportunities to talented students. Chosun University, which has a proud historical background and university ideals, reflected its poor contribution to development of the nation and the community and improved the whole system of university management through the University Innovation Movement from 1987 through 1988. The University today continues its vigorous efforts to improve educational facilities, educational opportunities and the school environment.

International School of Busan (ISB) (Busan (Haeundae-Gu))

ISB began its life in 1983. It was established by a small group of employees from international companies who wanted their children to have an international education so that, having finished their contracts in Korea, their children could transfer to any school system in the world without detriment. Their vision for the school was that it should possess a caring, family-like ethos, giving the children a high level of self-confidence and esteem, and teaching them tolerance and respect for other cultures.

Chodang University (Gwangju-Jeonnam)

Coming into the new millennium, universities are charged with the mission that is weightier and loftier than ever before. Universities have become today's leaders who have to not only adjust to the rapidly changing world but also explore the future with a strong resolution and firm determination. In response to the recent technological development and the emergence of the information oriented society, Chodang University was born to develop a variety of specialized educational programs and to adjust to the rapidly changing future and to foster competent leaders who can devotedly promote human culture and national prosperity based on their educated humanism.

Daegu Haany University (Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do)

With a future-oriented education system presented here to train new and competent human resources capable of meeting the task of globalizing scientific oriental medicine and managing the requisites of the related bio-industries, our University consolidated dispersed faculties into 5 colleges with specialties in BT, CT, and IT, composed of 9 faculties and 23 departments. In the realm of BT, the College of Oriental Medicine and the College of Public Health and Welfare concern with academic disciplines in medical research and industrial profession related with bio-industries in oriental medicine. In the field of CT, the College of Cultural Sciences includes the traditional humanity sciences as well as cultural technology called for in the age of knowledge industries. In the area of IT, the College of Business and Information focuses on the management education of human resources able to meet the demands of digital information society, and the College of Digital Information and Architecture deals with studies in the fields of digital information, media, art, architecture, and interior design.

Handong Global University (Gyoung-buk)

Handong Global University (HGU) opened its doors of higher education in 1995 at Pohang, South Korea, the world's Capital City of Steel. Cognizant of the accelerated pace of globalization with the onset of the emerging IT age, HGU introduced many innovative programs in the undergraduate educational programs. For example, HGU admitted students without declaring majors and required all students to study English, Chinese, and computer during the first two years. It has also required them to double major in allied fields, such as language and international relations, business and economics, biotech and food science, electronics and computer, and so forth. For character development, all exams are conducted without supervisors. These were previously unheard of in Korea. For these innovative programs, HGU received excellence awards for educational reforms from the Ministry of Education of Korea for 1996?1998 as a model university for the 21st century. HGU was established with a global reach and impact. The academic mission of HGU is uniquely positioned to educate honest and competent global leaders for the technology-driven marketplace of the 21st century.

N-Kids English Schools (Icheon, Gyeonggi-do)

N-Kids English Schools, a vibrant group of private institutes employ 14 foreign teachers across 3 schools.

Story Telling Academy (Janghowon (a suburb of Icheon City))

STA opened in March of 2006 with just the owners and 12 elementary school students. Now after three wonderful years STA has over 120 students from ages 5–55 years old. We teach English as a second language to students who have a desire to master the language. Our school is not a requirement of the public school system, it is an elected study by the students or their parents. Our student find STA a refreshing change to the traditional extracurricular schools.

Cheju National University (Jeju City)

Cheju National University has upgraded its education and research programs to secure international competitiveness, using the geopolitical position of Jeju Island at the center of Northeast Asia.

Anyang University (Kyonggi-do)

With a foundation based on Christianity, Anyang University educates students to search for, educate in and practice truth, and fosters Beautiful Leaders who "Brighten One Corner" by fulfilling their responsibilities to society, human beings and nature.

Ansan College Of Technology (Kyungdi-do)

ACT is a results-driven college. Our most recent statistics show that 94% of our graduates find related work around the time of graduation. We are focused on meeting the needs of an increasingly educated and specialized workforce. We offer programs in the fastest growing occupations, from computer information engineering to beauty design and hotel & food service management.

International Christian School — Pyongtaek (Pyongtaek)

International Christian School — Pyongtaek was established in 1990 and is a fully accredited American school with all English language instruction for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. We have 22 full time, American credentialed teachers on staff. Our class sizes are small to ensure a superior education at our school. We are committed to teaching young people moral values and Christian principles while at the same time preparing them to enter colleges and universities in the United States.

Chongshin University (Sadang-dong and Yangji)

Chongshin University and Seminary (CUS) has celebrated 106th anniversary this year. It started like a mustard seed, but it has grown up to be a big tree with birds nestled on and fruits hanging over its branches. What a wonderful grace of God it is! CUS, with the traditional Reformed world view, has produced so many pastors, missionaries,theologians, and diverse lay leaders such as patriots, teachers, and musicians, etc. CUS has become a torch for the nation when she had struggled under the Japanese rule and during her modernization.

LCI Kids Club (Busan, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, 30 more)

LCI Academy operates American kindergarten program, ILT specialized taking tests, International Education Development Center, Overseas Student Exchange program and Teacher’s Training Center in USA and Canada. Also we set up sisterhood relationship With 80 elementary, junior-high and high schools through overseas and build a interchange network with George Washington university and BSU.

Chugye University for the Arts (Seoul)

In 1973, ChuGye University for the Arts was established by the ChuGye School Foundation under the spirit of its founder, the late Mme. Whang Shin-Duk, “Contribution to the Nation through Education”, being named after her graceful pen name, ChuGye(meaning ‘Autumn Stream’). Since its establishment, the University has contributed to the creation of intellectual freedom as well as to the professional achievement in Art by training talented students.

Seoul Foreign School (Seoul)

Seoul Foreign School, serving the educational needs of the international community in Seoul, is known for its alumni who strive for excellence and maintain an intrinsic love of learning. Graduates are leaders in the global community, experts in their fields and serve their communities and nations through meaningful social contributions. They identify and communicate clearly defined personal values, practicing them in daily decision-making. They demonstrate a high level of sensitivity to and understanding of a diverse society.

Sogang University SLP (Seoul)

As an educational institution of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, Sogang University delivers an education that reveres God, and pursues life's true meaning according to a tradition that Jesuit universities have developed over the past 460 years.

Catholic University of Korea (Seoul)

Seminary. College of theology.

Topia Education, Inc. (Seoul)

TOPIA Education, Inc., a well established and rapidly growing private institution in Seoul, Korea, specializes in English education and magnet high school entrance examinations. With 700 employees including 500 lecturers in different campuses around the city, we provide elite education service to more than 12,000 students. In addition to the major campuses in Daechi-dong and Junggye-dong, TOPIA recently opened another in Mok-dong with the elementary division starting its spring semester in March 2008.

Young Hoon Elementary School (Seoul)

The first primary school in South Korea to adopt an English partial-immersion program. Includes information on staff, facilities, school history and admissions. (English, Korean)

Hwarang Elementary School (Seoul)

Welcome to our school!

OeDae Language Institute (Seoul (Chongno Gu))

OeDae Language Institute was established in August 1997 in the heart of downtown in Seoul. OeDae (Pronounced "Way-Day") takes its name from the abbreviation of the Korean for Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. The university is famous for language instruction, preparing Koreans for careers in the foreign ministry, simultaneous translation, or international trade. We are a private company granted a franchise license.

WILS Language School (Seoul (Yangcheon-Gu))

Established in 1995, WILS has earned a reputation for excellence in its 12 years of providing English language instruction to Korean children and adults.

Yongsan International School (Seoul (Yongsan ku))

Yongsan International School is a not-for-profit international school that offers a strong, well-rounded academic and extracurricular program for kindergarten through grade 12 students.

Baekseok University (Cheonan City)

Baekseok University is a Christian university established on the founding spirit of “the truth and freedom of Christianity.” Its educational goals are, first, to cultivate persons of well·balanced character through Christianity and humanity education and then to nurture them to become future leaders with knowledge and special skills who are vital to our society and country. Owing to the great responses to our vital educational philosophy, Baekseok University has became a highly reputable Christian University inside and outside of Korea in a very short period of time.

Chung-Ang University (Seoul and Gyeong gi-Do)

Chung-Ang University has 86 year-old tradition of providing prestigious higher education, under the educational slogan of "Die in justice, Live in righteousness."

YBM Education, ECC Division (Seoul, Incheon, Ilsan, Bundang, Daejeon, Daegu, Changwon, Busan)

Established in 1961. Over 2500 full-time employees

Berea University of Graduate Studies (Seoul, Suwon, Inchon, Chunju, Koonsan, Pyungtak)

Berea International Theological Seminary as a graduate school of theology was established in order to become the cradle of mission in the 21st century.

Ajou University (Suwon)

Ajou University’s name bears an ambition to become ‘the best university in Asia in the 21st century when Asia becomes the center of the world’. Since its foundation, Ajou has pursued the following three virtues as guiding principles: “Respect for Humans,” “Seeking Truth from Fact,” and “One World, One Family.”

Indianhead International School (Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi Do)

The Indianhead International School has a curriculum patterned after the "Curriculum Frameworks and the Content Standards of the United States of America, Department of Education. This curriculum has been adopted by, and is widely used in, both public and private schools in the U.S.A.

International Christian School (Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi Do)

International Christian School was born out of a need for affordable education for missionary children in the northern area of South Korea. The experimental program began in the spring of 1983 with eight students in a basement room. The military community also showed an overwhelming interest, and by the time the doors were opened for the first day of the first official school year, 83 students were present. The United States military classifies the area north of Seoul as a "non-command-sponsored" tour, but many military and contracted families bring their children to Korea at their own expense in order to keep the family together. ICS-UJB, has met a tremendous need for schooling for these military and contracted families, as well as for missionary families.

Hyundai Foreign School (Ulsan (Dong - Ku), Kyung Nam)

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (H.H.I.) established Hyundai Foreign School (H.F.S.) in September 1982.

Chungbuk National University (Cheongju)

Chungbuk National University(CBNU) is located at the southwestern part of Cheongju, which is the provincial capital of Chungbuk Province. The pastoral surroundings promotes a pleasant environment to pursuing diverse

OSS English Club (Cheongju)

OSS English Club is an English school in CheongJu.

Chongju University (Chongju , Chungbuk)

Cheongju University is one of the oldest universities located south of the Han River. If history is the process of a constant search for new values, the history of Cheongju University reflects this passionate search and creation of new meanings.

Chungwoon University (Chungnam)

Chungwoon University has achieved much since its establishment 10 years ago. It was a young university but was selected as a Local Specialty University by the Ministry of Education for last 5 years from 1997 to 2001, which has provided enough fund for Chungwoon University to become a nationwide famous broadcasting specialty university. The Ministry of Education chose Chungwoon University as Excellent Education Reformation University and financially supported in 2002, and in the same year the Small and Medium Business Administration nominated Chungwoon University as Excellent Industry and Education Consortium University and awarded with the Prime Minister Commendation. Also Chungwoon University was selected for Local University Development Project(broadcasting industry) 2 years in a row from 2002 to 2003 and was financially supported to build Broadcastin Media Education Center.

Catholic University of Daegu (Daegu)

The history of Catholic University of Daegu(C.U.D.) begins in 1914. C.U.D. is the largest Catholic University in Korea. It has about 17,000 students. C.U.D. is founded on the principles of Christianity and defines itself and all its programs through this Christ-centered spirit. Now, it moves into the 21st century with that same spirit and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.