What German Language test should I pass?

The most recent are Start Deutsch 1 and Start Deutsch 2. They were presented for the first time in April, 2004. They check German Language Knowledge and require elementary level.

Start Deutsch 1 is considered to be elementary, it was developed for citizens applying for German Permanent Residence.

Start Deutsch 2 is a bit more difficult, it was developed for people applying for German Work Visa to participate in the Au-Pair Program.
There are more certificates of Start Deutsch Group which were developed for immigrants, but they are accepted only in Germany.

ZD Test
ZD test was developed by 3 institutes of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and also the WBT Organization (WBT Weiterbilduns-Testsysteme GmbH). Having ZD Certificate, you can enter in a Technical College or apply for Citizenship.

ZDfB Test
It was developed for people who wants to work in Germany. It checks the basics of business-language.

ZMP Test
It's accepted by all German Colleges.

PWD Test
It checks level of Business Language.

KDS Test
It checks level of Literacy.

ZOP Test
It checks your ability to use German language in different common situations.

Test of the highest possible level. It brings you to the level of a Native German speaker.


There are other tests accepted by German Universities. TestDag is analogue of IELTS, and its results are good for 2 years. You can also try DSH Test, but it could be passed only in an University you’re going to enter.


What is DAF?
Deutsch als Fremdsprache is analogue of TOEFL or IELTS, it was developed by DAF Institute for Foreign Students. It evaluates listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

How do I pass DAF?
Test is held 6 times a year. You can find a nearest test center on this Website: www.testdaf.de
Results you will get within 6-8 weeks after the test. You can pass DaF as many times as you need.
It’s not an easy test. Try to pass it first at www.testdaf.de

Test Results
You can get one of three levels: TestDaF 3 (TDN3), TestDaF 4 (TDN4), and highest TestDaF 5 (TDN5). If you pass all parts of the test at the TDN4 level, you can enter in any German University. TDN5 result is equal to the test of Deutsch/German Language for Foreign Students (DSH) and it issues a Diploma of Deutsch Language of Second Degree (DSD II). Some Universities accept students with TDN3 level, but they can have additional conditions. Certificate isn’t restricted in time.

Structure of DAF
As many others, this test consists of 4 parts: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

You’ll have to deal with 3 texts of different difficulty and style: short messages of students’ life, newspaper articles, science articles. You also will get tasks - 1 hour.

You’ll have to listen 3 texts: dialogues of daily life, an interview among 3-4 persons, academic speech; and complete 25 tasks. You need to demonstrate understanding of academic speech - 40 minutes.

You need to write an essay: describing graphics and stating your opinion - 1 hour.

7 tasks of different difficulty. You need to show that you can use knowledge of language in any situation. All answers are recorded - 30 minutes.

General length of the test is 3 hours 10 minutes, with no breaks.

Price: About 150 €.