English Language Schools in Ecuador

Colegio Internacional SEK-ECUADOR (Guayaquil) (Guayaquil)

Bienvenidos al Colegio Internacional SEK-ECUADOR (Guayaquil). Este Centro Educativo pertenece a la Institución Internacional SEK (www.sek.net); la Institución educativa privada con más de 115 años al servicio de la Educación, presente en Europa, EE.UU. América Latina y Sudafrica.

InterAmerican Academy of Guayaquil (Guayaquil)

We are proud of the personalized, holistic education provided to our IA students and are pleased that you are interested in learning more about us. With students and teachers from around the world, we emphasize the importance of celebrating differences and preparing students to thrive in a global society. Let me share some highlights:

SEK – Quito International School (Quito)

Quito International School, one of the 17 International schools and three universities that today make up the SEK Institution in three continents.

Academia Cotopaxi (Quito)

Since 1959, Academia Cotopaxi has established itself as a leading educational institution,

Alliance Academy International (Quito)

The Alliance Academy International is a private, co-educational school located in Quito, Ecuador. It was founded in 1929 to provide an extensive U.S. curriculum for the children of evangelical missionaries. Today the AAI continues to offer a quality Christian, U.S. style of education to students who come from a large variety of professional and cultural backgrounds.

Colegio Americano de Quito (Quito)

The American School of Quito opened its doors on October 14, 1940 to 162 students, offering a non-sectarian education based on the teaching of democratic values. The school’s founders, Galo Plaza Laso and Boaz Long, the representative of the United States Government in Ecuador at that time, initated a long relationship between these two countries by educating future leaders in the prinicples of equality, active participation, freedom of expression and mutual respect.
The founders of our school lived in a time characterized by the fascist movements in Europe. They had a vision of educating the youth of Ecuador in democratic values knowing these students would become the future leaders. This vision can be evidenced in the long list of outstanding graduates that have been leaders in politics, finances, industry, law, medicine, education, journalism among other areas.

British School Quito (Quito)

The School The British School Quito is an autonomous, non-denominational and not for profit educational foundation. Its educational philosophy is "Excellence in Education", while promoting global citizenship, morality and ethical conduct as life skills.We are an international quality, English language, British curriculum school with Ecuadorian Social Studies and Spanish as core subjects. The school has over 200 students, with a target maximum class size of 20.

Istituto Superior de español (Quito)

Instituto Superior de Español is a leading Spanish language school in Ecuador establish in 1988, respected by competitors and former students for it’s of academic excellence in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

Colegio Internacional SEK-Los Valles (Quito (San Juan de Cumbayá))

Bienvenidos al Colegio Internacional SEK-Los Valles. Centro Educativo perteneciente a la Institución Internacional SEK (www.sek.net), que cuenta con más de 110 años al servicio de la Educación, presente en Europa, EE.UU, América Latina y Sudáfrica

Europaschule (Quito)

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