DALF and DELF: Apply to Work or Study in France

What is DALF?

It stands for Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française. It’s a diploma of Advanced Knowledge of the French Language given the Ministry of Education of France.

What is DELF?

It stands for Diplome d'Etudes en Langue Francaise. It’s general test comparing to DALF which states your basic ability to operate French, while DALF requires Advanced Level.

Why to pass DALF and DELF?

It allows you to enter in a French University without taking language exams. It also ease the process for applying to work in French Companies. This Diploma is good for your entire life. It states your high level of language skills and ability to use French in different situations of daily life and Business Communication, as well as in science sphere.

These tests are equivalent to American TOEFL. If you decide to apply to work in France, having DELF or DALF diploma you’ll be more competent. These diplomas are widely recognized.

Structure of tests

Before passing DALF, you should pass TCF (both obligatory and facultative parts) or a preliminary test L'accès au DALF consisting of Writing and Speaking parts.

Your TCF results should be no less than 4th level of TCF + 16/20 for writing and speaking.

DALF test is held once a year.

Cost: 10 €.-

Structure of DELF

1st level: Basic Level of Communication, Daily Speaking.
А1: Basic Talking.
Expression of Basic Thoughts and Feelings.
Reading and Listening Comprehension.
Basic Grammar.
All parts consist of two sections: Writing and Verbal.

Cost: up to $ 80.-

2nd level: General Knowledge of the French Language and Culture. Ability to analyze texts.
А5: French Language and Culture (Writing)
А6: Various - Communication (Speaking)

Cost: $ 21.-

Structure of DALF
В1: Reading and Writing
Specific Reading and Writing
Specific Speaking and Listening Comprehension

Cost: $ 26 (for each part).