TOEIC: Make sure your English is good for Business communication

What is TOEIC?

It’s abbreviation for Test of English for International Communication. It checks general level of English Language skills in non-native speakers. It affirms ability to work in the International Environment and communicate in English daily.

Why to pass TOEIC?

About 2000 European Companies and other big International Organizations use this test while hiring new personnel. Vacancies of companies like Accenture, Airbus, Coca-Cola, Renault, EADS, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Unilever and NEС includes TOEIC points.

Structure of TOEIC

It’s a 2 hours paper-based test which consists of 200 questions and takes 2,5 hours. There are 2 parts: Listening Comprehension and Reading. Answers are given in multiple choice format.

Listening Comprehension: 100 questions in 4 parts – 45 minutes.
Reading: 100 questions in 3 parts – 75 minutes.

1. Images – 20 questions, with 4 variants of answer.

2. QA. 30 questions, with 3 variants of answer.
3. Short dialogues. 30 questions, with 4 variants of answer.
4. Short situations of business communication. 30 questions, with 4 variants of answer.
5. Fill in spaces in sentences. 40 questions, with 4 variants of answer.
6. Find out incorrect words or phrases. 4 variants of answer.
7. Reading of documents used in daily business. 40 questions, with 4 variants of answer.

After finishing the first two parts, each candidate answers questions related to his biography and tells about his study or work in details.

Results of TOEIC

You will get certificate of one of 5 colors. Each color equals to specific sum of points.
Orange: 10 - 215
Brown: 220 - 465
Green: 470 - 725
Blue: 730 - 855
Gold: 860 - 990
You can check your knowledge every 6 months.

Price: 80 €