IELTS: Do you speak perfect British English?

What is IELTS?

IELTS is abbreviation for International English Language Testing System. British variant of English! This test was developed to estimate level of English language skills of foreign speakers and hold since 1989.

Why do I need to pass IELTS?

It’s necessary for those who are going to apply for permanent residence of Canada, Australia or New Zealand, or study in Universities in those countries, as well in the UK and Ireland. IELTS results accepted in more than 5000 of Colleges, Universities, Government Organizations and Private Companies around the world. Each year about 700,000 people pass this test.

Structure of IELTS

IELTS consists of 4 modules of general length 2 hours 45 minutes.

: 4 tasks with 40 questions, 30 minutes. First you listen to all information one time, reading questions in the same time and answering them. Questions get more difficult. After listening you have 10 more minutes to put all answers in your test list.
Reading. 3 tasks with 40 questions, 60 minutes. In Academic Module a text has 3 parts (650-1000 words each) from specialized magazines and newspapers. In general module 3 parts consists of several general texts.
Writing. 2 tasks (150 and 250 words), 60 minutes. 1st task is Analysis based on graphic or picture, 2nd – a composition.
Speaking. 10-15 minutes. It’s an Interview with a teacher which is hold in 7 days period before or after the Writing part of test. It consists of 3 parts:
- Meeting a teacher, general talk
- A card with a topic you need to speak about during 1 minute
- Talking with a teacher about this topic
This part is recorded!
Academic and General Variants of IELTS have different tasks for reading and writing parts. If you want to emigrate or work abroad, it’s enough to pass a general test, if you want to study in a University, it’s better to pass an Academic Test. It has 3 variants: A – for Physics, Aviation and Engineer Science. B – Biology, Biochemical, Medicine. C – Humanitarian Science.

Results of IELTS

There is a point system with 0 to 9 points. Short description of each point follows:
9 – Expert User: can fully operate by language and completely understand it.
8 – Very Good User: fully operate by language, have some slight inconstant mistakes. In uncommon situations can appear some misunderstanding. Can argument with detailed statements.
7 – Good User. Operate by language despite of small mistakes and misunderstanding.

In general he operates by difficult language and understands detailed explanation.
6 – Competent User. In general he speaks effectively despite of mistakes and misunderstanding. Can understand complicated language, especially in common situations.
5 – Modest User: operates by language partially, can understand the general sense in most of situations despite of many mistakes. Can communicate in common situations.
4 – Limited User: can communicate only in situations he practiced in. Often has problems with understanding and speaking. Cannot use complicated language.
3 – Extremely Limited User: understand only general sense in familiar situations. Often fails to communicate.
2 – Intermittent User: real communication is impossible, except for the very basics, using separate words or short sentences in familiar situations. Has serious difficulties in reading and writing.
1 – None User: have no language skills except for several words.
0 – Did not attempt the test. Impossible to evaluate the level of knowledge.

How many points should I get?

There is no passing score. Every organization has its own demands. Nowadays, Canadian PR requires 7 points. To study or work you need to get 4 to 7 points.

When I get results and what do I do with them?

IELTS results are ready in 10 days after the writing part and actual for 2 years. You can get them by mail or in British Consulate. Duplicates can be sent to necessary organizations. To order a certificate copy you need to:

  • Write the Address of an organization on 3rd page of Application Form, the duplicate will be sent right away after issuing results.
  • Order in the test center. Please mention you Name and Surname, Date of your test, Full Post Address of Organization, Contact, Registration Data of your documents if you know it. It’s free service if standard delivery is good for you. All additional copies can be sent within 2 months after the test. You personally can get only one certificate.
If you’re not agree with test results, you can apply for additional check. It cost around 100 €, but if you get more point during the check, you get the money back.

How do I apply for IELTS?

You can pass the test in British Council one time a month. You need to registrate 1,5 months ahead. Prepare filled Application Form, a Recent Photo, Passport and some other document (i.e. Driving License), Payment Bill and copies of each document.

How much the test cost?

About $ 200.