MCAT: For future Doctors and Vets

What is MCAT?

Medical College Admission Test, offered and designed by the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Why should I pass MCAT?

You need to pass MCAT if you want to get Medical Education in US and Canada. It also suits those who want to become a Vet Doctor. The test should evaluate possibility of your successful education in a Medical School.

Structure of MCAT

There questions of Biology, Chemistry (Organic and Non-Organic), Physics. The test consists of 4 sections:
Verbal Reasoning - 65 questions, 85 min;

Physical Sciences – 77 questions, 100 min;
Writing Sample – 2 essay (suggested topics), 60 min;
Biological Sciences – 77 questions, 100 min.
There are breaks between sections. The general length is about 7 hours. Test is hold twice a year: april and august. You can try it several times, but after 3 times you need to ask Association of American Medical Colleges for special permission. Results are actual for 5 years.