English Language Schools in Turkey

Oasis International School (Ankara)

The mission of OIS is to instill in each student a character-based worldview in an environment of academic excellence and a respect for people of all cultures and religions.

Turuncum Language Courses (Bursa)


UKLA Academy/Language School (Bursa, Izmir)

General English

ESL Language Schools (Denizli)

We are an experienced and dynamic team and we focus mainly on foreign language teaching, especially ESL and EFL Teaching. We are keen on becoming the leader institution of ESL Teaching in our region. To be able to grow as an institution, we need dependable foreign partners. We have a remarkable student potential and would kindly participate in exchange programs supported by your institution.
We are eager to work with foreign institutions, so please contact us for details

Gökdil Language Centers (Istanbul)

With its 105 years of experience, the Linguaphone Group provides language training for 7 million people in more than 60 countries and 90 centers. In Turkey, these language training systems are presented by the master licensor, Gokdil Language Center.

Gelisim Primary School (Private) (Izmir)

Gelisim has aprox. 700 students.

Sakarya Doga Koleji (Sakarya)

Hello, We're a private school in Sakarya, the north of Turkey.