TEF: If you want to study in France and not only

What is TEF?

It’s the test which evaluates the level of knowledge of French Language. It exists since 1998. There are 300 TEF centers over the world.

Why should I pass TEF?

You need to pass TEF whether:
1) You want to study in French Colleges or Universities.
2) You want to immigrate to Canada with French as main language.

After the test in 6-8 weeks you will get a Certificate defining your level of French.

Results are good for 1 year.

Parts of TEF

It consists of 5 parts with 3 Obligatory and 2 Facultative. Last you need in case you’re going to immigrate to Canada.


Reading Comprehension – 1hour
Speaking – 40 minutes
Grammar – 30 minutes

Composition – 1 hour
Speaking – 35 minutes

Cost of the TEF

About 100 €.