Non-English Language Schools

Arabeya Association . (Arabic , Egypt , Cairo)

Hi everyone for all interested in learning Arabic, Arabeya Association offer affordable online Arabic language courses. In the leisure and convenience of your private home, our qualified staff (all university-educated, native speakers) can assist you in maximizing your command of the Arabic language quickly and affordably.

AJCM (Marrakech, Morocco)

Spend some time in Marrakech and take part in a language course and cultural significant activities. Marrakech has the largest traditional market (souk) in Morocco and also has one of the busiest squares in Africa and the world, Djemaa el Fna. The square bustles with acrobats, story-tellers, water sellers, dancers, and musicians. By night, the square turns into food stalls, becoming a huge open-air restaurant with busy life.

El Kateb for Educative Software (Arabic Online and in Cairo, Egypt)

El Kateb Educative organize intensive online courses in Arabic language and culture.

Arabic Language school Marrakech (Arabic, Marrakech, Morocco)


Yemen Institute for Arabic Language YIAL (Arabic, Yemen)

Arabic school in Sanaa, Yemen offers a number of courses upon request, like: MSA, Yemeni dialect, Arabic calligraphy, Arabic media and Arabic poetry, ...

Andi Wawan / STARS Language School (Bahasa Indonesia in Makassar, Indonesia (South Sulawesi province))

Travel & learn Indonesian language in Makassar-Indonesia.

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center (Chicago, USA)

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center (CMCC) is known as the largest Chinese language and culture learning center in downtown Chicago. As a long-term member of CLTA (Chinese Language Teachers Association) and a certified member of American Translators Association (ATA), we have provided Mandarin Chinese language solutions and services to hundreds of individuals and enterprises.

Easy Chinese learning (Online (based in Dongguan, China))

Individualized Chinese or English lessons, call for quote

SpeakChinese Language Center (Chinese in Beijing, China)

“Speak Chinese” is an initiative started by the Chinese Society of Education that is dedicated to making Chinese language learning and culture, accessible and interesting. Our name says it all – we want you to speak Chinese! No matter what your culture, background, or language level, we have created a platform that welcomes people to come together to learn, think, and talk in a friendly, creative, and Chinese environment.

Coffee Tea Mandarin Language Center (Chinese in Shanghai)

Coffee, Tea & Mandarin Language Center is one professional Chinese language school which is well located in heart of former French Concession in Shanghai.

International Continuing Education Center (ICEC) of the Jiao Tong Universit (Chinese in Shanghai, China)

Jiao Tong University is staging Chinese Language classes for all levels.

eChineseLearning (Chinese Online (based in Beijing, China))

eChineseLearning, an online Chinese learning school, provides one-on-one online and live Chinese lessons with professional and native Chinese teachers. Live Chinese lesson, professional Chinese teacher. Tree Trial Now!

International Language Lab Center, I.L.L (Arabic and English in Temara, Morocco)

International language Lab Center ,I.L.L

New Vision Language Centre (Chinese, and other languages, in Birmingham UK)

New Vision Language Centre is based in the second city of Britain, Birmingham, aiming to help young and adult learners to learn Mandarin Chinese, English and other languages. All our teachers are qualified with experiences and trained skills in teaching Mandarin/English as a second or foreign language. We guarantee very high standards of delivery of language courses and would spare no efforts to meet the various needs of language learners. Our courses are needs-oriented and we offer flexible training modules including small group classes and one-to-one tutoring. We also offer tailored courses to accommodate specific requirements such as from the fields of finance and commerce.

Fun Fun Foreign Language School (Chinese, Japanese and English in Chaoyang City, China)

We are a language training school in Liaoning province China, our services ranges from training both local and foreign students prepare them for international exams and study abroad programms. our staffs are highly qualified tutors both local and foreign. For further info. go to our website

Qingdao Promise Chinese Language Center (Qingdao, Shandong Province, China)

Promise Chinese Language Center belongs to Qingdao Promise Education Group, which is a licensed educational organisation located in Qingdao city, on Quanzhou Road.

Presto Language School (Croatian in Zagreb, Croatia)

PRESTO education centre invites You to enroll in the "Croatian for Foreigners" study programme.

Centre International d’Antibes (French in Antibes (French Riviera), France)

Centre International d’Antibes (French Riviera) is amongst the most recognized French language schools in France. With approximately 20 years of experience, the school welcomes thousands of students each year and is recognized by European most trustworthy organizations.

ESL School (Lyon, and in Montreux, Switzerland)

Learn French with ESL

The Language Cafe des Langues (Saint André (Maurienne Valley in the French Alps))

The Language Cafe des Langues is an established language school in the Maurienne Valley in the French Alps. We offer english immersion courses (intensive immersion, combined immersion and sports, combined immersion and cultural visits)for children and adults. Live and breathe english 24 hours a day for a week: lessons in the morning and either sporting activities or cultural visits in the afternoon in english. You will be lodged either with your teacher or in a host family speaking the language you have chosen to learn from Monday to Friday. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

ESL - French Schools France (French in France, Lyon)

Learn French with ESL

Corcelle (le)

Corcelle provides one-to-one residential courses for highly motivated adults. The programme is intended for business executives, diplomats and professionals who need to acquire French quickly. The programme is tailored to the specific needs of each student.

Ecole Suisse de Langues (French in Lyon, France)

Learn French at our school located in French speaking Switzerland (Montreux) or our centre in France (Lyon).

Iranee Arabic & Arab Culture Training (Arabic for all Levels in Frankfurt, Germany)

Arabic for all levels – Arabia and Middle East Business Culture Training

Ecole Suisse de Langues (French in Montreux, Switzerland)

Learn French at our school located in French speaking Switzerland (Montreux) or our centre in France (Lyon).

Accord école de langues (French in Paris, France)

Accord Ecole de Langues (Paris) is amongst the most recognized French language schools in France. With approximately 20 years of experience, the school welcomes thousands of students each year and is recognized by European most trustworthy organizations

CANDYBEEZ Land (French, Spanish, Chinese and Dutch in Barcelona, Spain)

Have Fun in Spain with Foreign language Immersion, Culture and other activities, Dance, Acting Courses, Journalism, Leadership training, Arts and Craft, Performing arts.

CENTRO FONOLINGUISTICO SPERIMENTALE (French, Spanish, German, English in Catania, Italy)

Centro Fonolinguistico Sperimentale was established in Catania - Sicily in 1971 -

Die Sprachpension/The Language Guesthouse - Living+Learning Combined. (German in Germany /Vogtsburg im Kaiserstuhl (nr.Freiburg))

Die Sprachpension / The Language Guesthouse - Living+Learning Combined.

Evolanguage German courses (German in Hamburg, Munich and Mainz by Frankfurt)

We are a German language school situated in many cities in Germany providing high quality German language courses and helping with getting student visa for Germany.

Evolanguage (German in Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Germany)

Dear Agents,

UIC London (German in United Kingdom, London)

German is widely used throughout Europe - spoken in much of Switzerland, Austria and Lichensiotein as well as Germany. It is also common as a 2nd language in many countries in Eastern Europe. German is the second most commonly taught language at schools in the UK and so there are many reasons to improve your language skills - business, culture, holidays.. UIC London offers a wide choice of German language courses. Lessons include a balance of conversation, listening, pronunciation, grammar to help you survive and communicate in everyday situations in German speaking countries.

Deutschakademie (German Online, in Austria (Vienna) and in Germany (Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt))

DeutschAkademie is a language school which offers German courses in Vienna, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.

LinguaMia - Institute of Italian (Italian in Italy, Ancona)

LinguaMia is an italian language school located in Italy and dedicated to foreign students. Along with lessons and courses of italian, we provide a full immersion in the typical life style of italy with cultural trips and tours, regional food & wine tastings, courses of italian opera and music, art and history.

iTalkArabic (Arabic in Alexandria, Egypt) is a fun and effective way of learning Arabic from the comfort of your own home, school or office. No matter where you are, we bring Arabic directly to you. Learning Arabic has never been easier or more flexible than it is with our live online virtual lessons tailored to fit into your busy schedule. Experience for yourself how the language comes to life through interactive online lessons with top notch native Arabic language tutors.

Sorrento Lingue (Italian Online and in Sorrento, Italy)

Italian at Home ... with Sorrento Lingue. Distance Lessons!

International Welcome School - Scuola di lingue (Cagliari, Italy)

Language School in Sardegna, Italy

LinguaExpress KFL Program (Korean in Seoul, Korea)

Offers Korean as a Foreign Language (KFL) theme based language courses from beginner to advanced at Sookmyung Women's University.

Int'l Gateway Language Acadmy - (Over 40 Foreign Languages in Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Int'l Gateway Language Academy: Expand your English skills. Improve your English pronunciation grammar and writing.

MANAGEMENT CENTER (Polish in Lodz, Poland)

Poland is located on the Baltic Sea. It is now a member state of the European Union and is part of the space shengen since December 21, 2007.

Stay Focused Language Institute (Portuguese in Bragança Paulista, State of São Paulo, Brazil)

Stay Focused Language Institute is located in Bragança Paulista Area in the State of São Paulo. Bragança Paulista is a popular vacation destination for Brazilians looking to relax in a rural setting where it is not unheard of for some locals to still use a horse for general transportation. The school is located on a chácara (country vacation home). It has a pool for occasional use by students and a view overlooking a river. Small monkeys and tropical birds can be seen on the schools property.

Portugues et cetera, escola de lingua e cultura portuguesas. (Portuguese in Lisbon, Portugal)

A “Português et cetera - escola de língua e cultura portuguesas” é uma escola de línguas que oferece cursos e aulas de português no centro histórico de Lisboa, Portugal. Alojamento, clube de conversação e actividades culturais.

Sunshinetefl (Portuguese Online (school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil))

Portuguese Online!

Russian in Astana (Kazakhstan, Astana)

Russian classes in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Enjoy Russian (Russian in Petrozavodsk, Russia)

At “Enjoy Russian” we offer a range of courses to cover different needs and levels of ability. Participants are placed in the groups most suited to both the level of Russian and your age. There are courses for juniors (16-17 years), youth (18+) and adults (40+).

Egypt Arabic Center (EAC) (Arabic in Cairo)

Enjoy your summer, have beautiful tan in Egypt and learn Arabic, Egypt Arabic Center offers it's summer program in great prices plus the social activities, visiting the Egyptian historical places and trying delicious Egyptian food. it's your chance to learn Arabic and know more about Egyptian's people and culture after 25th Jan's revolution.

Enjoy Russian and Volunteering (Russian in Petrozavodsk, Russia)

That 2 months unique course is perfect for people who want to take Russian language course and participate in the volunteer project. Staying in Russian hostfamily will absolutely improve your Russian language and participating in cultural activities will give you a real idea about Russia, its history, people and traditions.

Russian Language School (Russian/Ukrainian in Odessa, Ukraine)

Russian 4 Foreigners

Academia de Idiomas Trinity School (Spanish (english spoken) Spain, Cadiz)

Spanish Courses in Spain.

Calgary Spanish SchoolHouse (Spanish (Immersion Program for Children) in Calgary, Canada)

Calgary Spanish SchoolHouse is a private home-based Spanish Immersion Program for children, located in Harvest Hills, Calgary.The Spanish environment surrounding our activities, enables your child to learn Spanish at the same time as practicing early childhood educational concepts.

ABC SPANISH TUITION AND HOMESTAY IN LA PAZ BOLIVIA (Spanish (intensive) and Homestay in La Paz, Bolivia)

ABC Spanish Tuition and Homestay offers special Spanish Immersion Program for travelers to learn Spanish intensively 3,4,5,6 hours per day, 5 days a week with an experienced teacher and to stay with a carefully selected bolivian family at the same time.

Academy IBERO SPANISH SCHOOL (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

ÍBERO SPANISH SCHOOL is by far the superior choice when choosing where to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires.And we are not the only ones who believe that ÍBERO was chosen as the #1 language institute in all of Latin America and Spain and is the recommended Spanish school in guidebooks like Lonely Planet and Time Out.

¡ESPÁÑAME - International House Valladolid y Santander (Santander, Spain)

Espaname is a Spanish language school in Santander, Spain, founded in 1953.

Academia Hispan Aires (Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Welcome to Hispan Aires Spanish School. At Hispan Aires you will be able to learn and practice Spanish during lessons and during cultural and social activities we offer every week in addition to the language course. All classrooms are conveniently equipped so that you can enjoy your lessons day after day. Among school services, we offer WI FI connection in case you prefer to work or study in the school, check your e-mails, or simple stay with us during your free time after your language course. Hispan Aires invites you to have the best experience and immersion programs to learn Spanish while studying with us. Do not miss the opportunity to study Spanish in other destinations and practice the language every time you meet locals. Our Spanish School location is very convenient and it is close to all of the most important city spots of Buenos Aires allowing you to walk around safe neighborhoods and to enjoy the most beautiful places in the city.

Vamos Spanish Academy (Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Vamos Spanish Acadmey

The Amazon Spanish College (Leticia, Amazonas)

Learn Spanish in the Colombian Amazon region!

Learn Arabic Language Programs (Arabic in Cairo, Egypt)

Arabic Language School provide intensive courses for all levels of Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic for students wanting to learn Arabic. Students are encouraged to study in Cairo or through our online services.

Acalli School (Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico)

Intensive Spanish classes 5 hours a day in the city of eternal spring.

Cross Cultural Training (Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico)

Our Intensive Spanish Program is a first-rate language program, with dedicated, well-qualified and dynamic instructors who love teaching and working with international students.

Peru Language Center (Spanish in Cusco, Perú)

Our spanish language school offers courses like Spanish inmersion, intensive Spanish, business program, medical internship.

Academia Columbus (Spanish in Heredia, Costa Rica)

Our international language school in the magnificent city of Heredia offers year-long Spanish courses for all Spanish proficiency levels. You can begin your course on any Monday of the year, and you will learn Spanish together with students from all over the world. In addition, you will experience the Costa Rican culture while participating in our lively activities and exploring the country on our excursions. A great assistance during your stay in Costa Rica will be the clearly spoken Spanish of the inhabitants, allowing you to understand your conversations more easily and encouraging you to reproduce the words that you have heard - you'll progress quickly and have fun experiencing the Latin culture at the same time.

Centro Panamericano de Idiomas (CPI) (Spanish in Heredia, Monteverde, and Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica)

Centro Panamericano de Idiomas (CPI) is the only Spanish immersion school in Costa Rica that allows students to study at three separate campuses, in three distinct regions of the country - Heredia, Monteverde, and Flamingo Beach.

Todo Español (Spanish in Madrid, Spain)

Welcome to Todo Español one of the best Spanish Language Schools in Spain. Our team of experienced and dynamic Spanish language teachers will help you communicate in Spanish easily. Our communicative approach is either an enjoyable as an effective way to learn the Spanish language in Spain.

Instituto Picasso (Spanish in Malaga, Spain)

Instituto Picasso, one of the longest established schools in Malaga (capital of the province of Malaga) where thousands of Spanish learners from all over the world have passed since 1982 in order to learn Spanish in Malaga, the second town of Spain in the importance of Spanish studies for foreigners. Spanish language school Picasso on the best spot in town, the very heart of the historic and cultural centre of Malaga. In fact, Picasso's birth place, now a museum, shares the same square as the school, and the Picasso Museum, one of the most important museums of its kind, is nearby, too.

AUDELE (Spanish in Montevideo, Uruguay)

Come to Uruguay, learn Spanish and have an unique experience.

Academia Columbus (Spanish in Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

Our international Spanish Language school lies in the beautiful city of Playa del Carmen, which is known for endless Caribbean beaches and true Mexican culture. We combine a great mix of students from around the globe, highly qualified teachers in a modern full air conditioned, but typical Mexican school building with a beautiful garden in the heart of a beautiful location close to the beach.

Spanish School in Queretaro, Mexico (Spanish in Queretaro, Mexico)

Learn Spanish in the Unesco World Heritage city of Queretaro, Mexico (the safest city in Mexico). The Querétaro Language School offers over 29 Spanish programs to students from all over the world. We are a small Spanish school that specializes in the individual students, not in large groups. This allows us to focus on the Spanish learning needs of the individual students, not just focus on the institution that pays the most.

Center for Language & Culture (Arabic in Marrakesh, Morocco)

The Center for Language and Culture, Morocco, is dedicated to promoting communication and understanding between peoples through language instruction, cultural exchange, and dialogue.

Academia Columbus (Spanish in Quito, Ecuador)

Our international Spanish language school is situated in a modern quarter of Quito. The dynamic and experienced teaching staff conducts lessons in 12 bright classrooms, providing optimal learning conditions for students of all proficiency levels. Language courses begin every Monday for all language levels, even for absolute beginners.

ELEP Spanish Language School (Spanish in Quito, Ecuador)

ELEP Spanish Language School is a Spanish Immersion Program based in Ecuador, Latin America which specializes in providing quality Spanish language courses for individuals and groups from all over the world. Our Spanish Immersion Program has three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Colegio de España (Spanish in Salamanca, Spain)

The Colegio de España was founded in 1973 in Salamanca as an Academic Institution with highly qualified teachers, whose primary aim is to teach Spanish Language and Culture to foreign students and teachers. It is located in the monumental zone of Salamanca, in an historical building.

Tia Tula Spanish School (Spanish in Salamanca, Spain)

Come and learn Spanish in our small and friendly school located in the historic centre of Salamanca, Spain. We provide courses for all abilities from beginners to advanced!

Universpain (Spanish in Salamanca, Spain)

Our school is located in the centre of the town of Salamanca, just a few minutes’ walk from the Plaza Mayor. Thanks to its privileged position, it offers the opportunity to actively participate in the city life and to learn about its culture and customs from an inner perspective. At the end of the stay students will certainly feel enriched by this experience, not only for having learnt a new language but also for meeting new people and discovering a new way of life: this is something they will remember for a long time when they go back to their countries.

AYMARA Spanish School (Spanish in Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

OUR AYMARA Spanish School in Santa Cruz Bolivia offers the unique opportunity to study Spanish while immersed in Bolivian culture. Other activities such as Quechua, Aymara, Guaraní Languages Courses, workshops on Latin American and Bolivian culture and free daily Student Activities such as lectures, Bolivian cinema, pro active leadership, English and German languages (any level), salsa, merengue, cambia, samba and Bolivian folk dance classes etc. make 1on1 Aymara Spanish School a distinct educational destination in Bolivia, former cities of the legendary Incas, Aymara, Guaraní and other cultures.

E.L.E. Instituto (Spanish in Valladolid, Spain)

Welcome to E.L.E. Instituto. From Valladolid we offer you a new project of teaching: "Spanish for you".

Hespánica (Spanish Online)

Learn Spanish online by video conference. See and talk to your teacher, do exercises as if you were in a regular classroom setting. Seminars and workshops for Spanish Teachers. Spanish blog and Newsletter.

Superele Spanish School (Spanish, Argentina, Buenos Aires)

Learning a language is also learning its culture. For that reason, we have a program that includes authentic material and cultural activities. We also encourage the conversation exchange with other students at the Superele Conversation Club and with natives through a Language Exchange Service.

HolaConcepción Latin American Spanish in Concepción, Chile (Spanish, German, English in Concepción, Chile)

Excellent Spanish courses between the High Andes and the Pacific ocean, surrounded by Chile´s unique nature and national parks and islands.

inlingua Aleppo (Arabic in Syria, Aleppo)

inlingua Aleppo

FastTrackLanguages (Spanish, Mandarin, Hebrew and English in New York)


TLS Language School (Thai and English in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand)

A Language School approved by the ministry of education in the kingdom of Thailand.

My Thai Language School (Thai in Bangkok, Thailand)

My Thai Language School: 200 hours Thai Lessons (Qualified for one year Visa)

Everyday Thai Language School (Thai in Bangkok, Thailand)

At Everyday Thai Language School, we developed a practical and interactive method with an emphasis on dialogue-based learning.

Arabic for non native speakers (Arabic in Zarqa, Jordan)

We hold Arabic Language courses for non native speakers of Arabic, General English Language and Train the trainer courses.